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3.3 oz Eau De Toilette Spray

Pasha De Cartier Noire Sport Cologne by Cartier, Seize the chance to become all you can be by never leaving home without the right cologne. Pasha de cartier noire sport is just the right combination of earthy base notes of sandalwood, amber and cedar that are combined with fresh aquatic middle notes, and light watery and citrusy top notes. This truly unique scent has moderate longevity, ensuring that your colleagues or romantic interests can discover a new side to you with no time wasted. An intriguing blast of citrus not quite like orange or lemon, but tantalizing nonetheless will fade into a classic sea aroma and lastly to a grounded manly vibe exuding the spicy goodness of exotic tree’s bark. Designed with moderate sillage, the clean, sharp scents of this aroma can be flaunted without the worry of an over empowering musk. It can be worn during day or night occasions, or simply to relax after a shower. Launched in 2015 by cartier, an iconic perfume enterprise, the product was created to be a sport edition to an already impressive collection of fragrances. Founded in 1847, the company has a rich history of launching jewelry, wristwatches, scarves and leather goods in addition to world-class perfumes. Pasha de cartier noire sport is one of the finest additions to a grand release of almost a hundred fragrance products. 

Pasha De Cartier Noire Sport Cologne

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