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4 oz Mancera Roseaoud & Musc by Mancera Perfume. Mancera Roseaoud & Musc is a striking blend of floral and woody accords. Introduced in 2011, this fragrance is lavish and dynamic and is marvelous on both women and men. It opens with a dramatic explosion of spices, but soon settles down into the heart of jasmine, rose and saffron. The jasmine and rose notes are sweet and floral, but not overpowering, and are accentuated by the spicy and earthy saffron. The fragrance closes with a rich, warm mix of musk, sandalwood and oud. Rose, oud and musk are the most prominent scents in this perfume (hence its name,) making this a sophisticated and elegant option for all day wear.

Mancera is a fragrance house that was founded by famed perfumer Pierre Montale in 2008. Created as a partnership with his daughter Amelie, the brand focuses on scents that are traditionally Middle Eastern in nature, bringing these fragrances to Europe and beyond. The company has its headquarters and a boutique in Paris.

Mancera Roseaoud & Musc Perfume

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