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EMBRACE  =creamy - Warm pink rose

Vespa = rich bronze brown with sparkling bronze glitter

Cocoapuff =muted golden brown with brown shimmers

Go-bare = creamy -warm mid tone nude

Venom = sheer - Cvivid clear purple cranberry

Slay = creamy - spicy medium toned plum rose

Opulent = PEARLIZED -Glittering gem toned purple with ruby undertone

FRINGE =creamy -muted plum

Pinky = creamy - pink clear mid tone warm pink

Watermelon =sheer - clear coral watermelon

Black Cherry = creamy - black cherry clear sheer- vivid black cherry

Uptight = Creamy mid-toned marsala nude

Cats Meow =Creamy mid-toned marsala nude 


$18.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
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