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A Nocturnal Whisper" perfumed oil

An Oud extract blended with Benzoin, Leather, and Saffron, this dark, animalic scent will add contrast and complexity to the perfumes.

By layering with an eau de parfum, the perfumed oil will enrich the fragrance, resulting in a personalized blend.

Gold accents form evocative symbols and delicate naturalistic motifs on the perfumed oils' precious containers. Inspired by the first perfumery containers displayed on the wooden shelves of antique apothecaries, the sage green lacquered glass bottles with porcelain effect reveal a touche oreille—a glass pipette style applicator.

Part of The Alchemist's Garden line, this item comes in a special moire pouch.

perfumed oil 0.67 oz unisex

Gucci A Nocturnal Whisper

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